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The characteristics of the Law Firm's professionals are seriousness, timeliness, reliability, passion, dedication and ability to work in team. These characteristics have allowed us to carry out various battles and always to protect our customers.

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Studio Legale Saltalamacchia This is a photo of the building; our studio is on the fourth floor.

Saltalamacchia Law Firm

The accessibility and stability of our team, together with our responsive style, allow us to work and help our clients on small and large legal issues.

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Icon - Family Law
Family Law

The Saltalamacchia Law Firm has always been committed, in cases of disputes relating to family relationships, to favour a non-conflictual solution of the problem.

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Icon - Inheritance, Succession and Divisions
Inheritance, Succession and Divisions

The Saltalamacchia Law Firm deals with inheritances, both by following various customers in the related disputes, and by preparing the declarations of succession.

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Icon - Property – Real Rights
Property – Real Rights

The wide range of problems related to the protection of rights in rem (especially property, usufruct, easement) and the possession of property - i.e. neighbourhood relationships - is often the subject of disputes dealt by the Law Firm.

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Icon - Psychology of Writing
Psychology of Writing

The study of the psychic system can be useful for: company hiring; educational and professional orientation; couple reports; analysis of the psychological profile of children and adolescents...

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Icon - Banking Law and Credit Securities
Banking Law and Credit Securities

The judgement upheld that interest, contrary to the practice according to which interest started from the issue date of the check, had to be counted from the payment date of the check...

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Icon - Judicial Custodies
Judicial Custodies

Since 1976, the lawyer Mario Saltalamacchia has received assignments from the Court of Naples as an Official receiver of properties subject to foreclosure and confiscation.

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Icon - Real Estate Compendium Management
Real Estate Compendium Management

Thanks to the appointment as Official receivers (from the Real Estate Enforcement department) and as Insolvency administrators (anti-mafia)...

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Icon - Judicial Administration of Seized Goods
Judicial Administration of Seized Goods

Some associates of the Law Firm have been appointed as Insolvency administrators of properties seized (and often confiscated) from Camorra by the Court of Naples...

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Icon - Lease and Condominium
Lease and Condominium

The Saltalamacchia Law Firm has acquired particular experience and expertise in the rental and condominium fields.

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Icon - Bonds and Contracts
Bonds and Contracts

This competence concerns both possible out-of-court problems and solutions, as well as those typical of judicial litigation.

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