Environmental Causes

Ikebiri community against ENI and NAOC

Ikebiri community is made up of several villages located on the Niger delta in the Nigerian state of Bayelsa. The main economic activities include palm oil production, canoe construction, fishing, agriculture and other traditional activities. [...]

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El Quimbo dam (Colombia) by EMGESA, a company controlled by ENEL (2013)

The “El Quimbo” hydroelectric project involves the construction of a main dam over 150 m high and 645 m wide, as well as a secondary dam 66 m high and 445 wide. For the construction of the dam, it will be necessary to divert the Magdalena river and clean up the territory. [...]

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Palo Viejo Hydroelectric Power Station (Guatemala) by ENEL Guatemala, a company controlled by ENEL (2011)

In the heart of Maya Ixil territory, Enel – in association with a local landowner involved in several scandals and known for forcing slave conditions on his workers, even minors – wanted to build a hydroelectric power plant to access which it would have been necessary to pass through some indigenous villages. [...]

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Ilisu Dam (Turkish Kurdistan) financed by a bank controlled by Unicredit (2008)

Since 1954, the Turkish government has been planning to build the Ilisu dam on the Tigris river. In recent years, this ancient project for which the Turkish government had requested funding from European banks, including Bank Austria Creditanstalt, controlled by HypoVereinsbank, which in turn was controlled by Unicredit, has been resumed. [...]

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